Wednesday, September 17, 2008

GoingGreen 2008

You can catch all the action of the final day of GoingGreen 2008 as it happens on our Free Live Webcast, beginning at 8:00am PDT. AlwaysOn GoingGreen -- September 15-17, 2008

The final day of GoingGreen is action-packed, with keynotes from visionary Steve Jurvetson, architect Michelle Kaufmann, and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. The debates continue with the top people from Boston-Power, Serious Materials, Genomatica, Silver Spring Networks, Intel Capital, SAP, and more. Plus, the hottest greentech startups will be answering questions on how they are changing the world.

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Program—Wednesday, September 17th
8:00am to 4:00pm PDT

Energy Storage Innovations
Forget about distributed power and intermittant sources of power such as solar and wind without energy management and energy storage. What stationary and mobile storage technologies are becoming commercially viable, and what companies are working on delivering these innovations?
Moderator: Marc van den Berg, Managing Director, Vantage Point Venture Partners
• Christina Lampe-Onnerud, CEO & Founder, Boston-Power, Inc.
• Raj Atluru, Partner, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
• Gary Colello, CEO, Premium Power Corporation
• David MacMillan, CEO, Megawatt Storage Farms, Inc.

• Michelle Kaufmann, CEO, Michelle Kaufmann Designs

The Integrated Building
Structures of tomorrow will harvest water and energy, using some, storing some, sending surplus into the grid, drawing from the grid to make up deficits. These structures will use recyclable, non-toxic materials, efficiently managing all energy with fully integrated electrical and thermal management systems. What innovations are here today; what companies are driving the prices down and the performance up?
Introduction: Awais Khan, Director VC Practice, KPMG
• Michelle Kaufmann, CEO, Michelle Kaufmann Designs, Inc.
• Kevin Surace, CEO, Serious Materials, Inc.
• Steve Glenn, CEO, Living Homes, LLC
• Lyndon Rive, CEO, Solar City

• Steve Jurvetson, Partner, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

Green Nanotech & Synthetic Genomics
A mutually reinforcing renaissance in nanotech, biotech, and information technology is creating new applications in energy, remediation, and industrial chemicals. Synthetic genomics is enabling an amazing new substrate, potentially creating genetically engineered hydrocarbons, radically more efficient more photovoltaic cells; this is another revolution. Who's leading the charge, and what's coming next?
Moderator: Michael Ward, Partner, Morrison & Foerster
• Gayle Pergamit, CEO, Agua Via Ltd.
• Steve Jurvetson, Partner, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
• Christopher Gann, CEO, Genomatica
• Steve Cardona, CEO, Carbon Micro Battery, LLC.

CEO Showcase
Introduction: Awais Khan, Director VC Practice, KPMG
• Joaquin Silva, CEO, OnRamp Wireless
• Jeff Bisberg, CEO, Albeo Technologies
• Glen Davis, EVP, Ausra, Inc.
Following this showcase the CEOs will be in the Surfbird Room for 30-minute demos and Q&A

The Smart Green Grid
High-voltage direct current, mega-storage systems, electric cars that function as micro-utilities, IP addressable home appliances, next generation load balancing to accomodate intermittant renewable sources of electricity - the smart green grid is coming, delivering more power, far more efficiently. What technologies are coming and who is making this happen?
Moderator: Michael Horwitz, Managing Director, Clean Technology, The Stanford Group
• Paul DeMartini, Vice President, Edison Smart Connect, Southern
California Edison
• Scott Lang, CEO, Silver Spring Networks Inc.
• Ken Oshman, Chairman, Echelon Corporation
• Dylan Steeg, Managing Director, Intel Capital

CEO Showcase
Introduction: Awais Khan, Director VC Practice, KPMG
• Christopher Gann, CEO, Genomatica
• Tim Tangredi, CEO, Dais Analytic Corporation
Following this showcase the CEOs will be in the Surfbird Room for 30-minute demos and Q&A

• Elon Musk, Chairman & CEO, SpaceX

CEO Showcase
Introduction: Katherine Noesen
• Trevor Stout, CEO, Integrity Block
• Mark Hudson, Chief Marketing Officer, Blade Network Technologies, Inc.
• Raj Parekh, CEO, Virident Systems, Inc.
• Rick Steele, CEO, NuRide, Inc.
Following this showcase the CEOs will be in the Surfbird Room for 30-minute demos and Q&A

Green IT
From ultra-efficient data centers, to smart lighting systems, to irrigation systems that monitor weather forecasts and adjust accordingly, green information technology is a huge opportunity for the high tech industry. CEOs and CIOs from companies pioneering transformative innovations in green software and hardware describe their technologies and business models.
Moderator: Andy Hargadon, Chancellor's Fellow, UC Davis
• Jim Swartz, CIO, Sybase Inc.
• Rob Ober, LSI Fellow
• Larry Vertal, Senior Strategist, AMD
• Vishal Sikka, CTO, SAP
• Duncan Stewart, Senior Research Scientist, HP's Quantum Sciences Lab

CEO Showcase
Introduction: Awais Khan, Director VC Practice, KPMG
• Brian Hennessy, CMO, Mobius Technologies, Inc.
• Matt Smith, Founder & CTO, Greenbox Technology Inc.
• Richard Lowenthal, CEO, Coulomb Technologies, Inc.
• Chris Horner, Founder & CEO, Better Energy Systems
Following this showcase the CEOs will be in the Surfbird Room for 30-minute demos and Q&A

Clean Energy Options
Along with solar energy and biofuel , there is wind energy, ocean energy, enhanced geothermal energy, thermal convection energy, and a host of variations on these themes. There is also the nuclear fission option, with nuclear technologies safer than ever. Eventually there may be nuclear fusion. And hydropower, from run-of-river green systems to deep water reservoirs, is still experiencing significant growth. How will these options develop, and which of them will step up alongside solar energy to replace fossil fuel?
Moderator: Nancy Pfund, Managing Partner, DBL Investors
• Steven Parry, Partner, NGEN Partners
• Steven Chan, Chief Strategy Officer, Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd.
• John Sylvia, Managing Partner, TPG Growth, LLC
• Pearse O'Kane, CEO, Bedminster International

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