Monday, September 22, 2008

SlotMusic from SanDisk

Get ready for a new format to distribute music. The major labels are all on board to distribute in the new SlotMusic format from SanDisk. Nobody knows what the market pickup will be but it the product will start to hit retail soon.

There's already been limited released on flash media in the last couple of years. The value add is that labels can address the issue of ownership and included material, such as liner notes, videos, images, etc...

Some of the first releases will include Akon on Universal.

The shelf space required by the new SlotMusic format is a small fraction. Which should please retailers.

There's more info the story in the LA Times:,0,4166641.story

Some of the people quoted in the article:

Rio Caraeff : Executive Vice President Universal Music Group's Digital Division

Daniel Schrieber - Senior Vice President and General Manager of SanDisk Audio Video Business Unit

Mike McGuire - Analyst with research firm Gartner Inc.

Story by Michelle Quinn

SanDisk is located in Milpitas, CA and has recently been a target to acquire by Samsung. No update but it looks like the deal is not happening at least not yet.

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