Friday, September 26, 2008 beta

Hello from,

Thank you, our Beta Preview Community, for taking the time to visit our site and send feedback. With your help, we're making more valuable to all our users every (evri?) day.

It's an exciting time for us: We've officially opened our beta site to the public at and we've rolled out some terrific new features in the process. We think you'll like what you see!

Evri Widget Gallery:
You can now add a number of widgets directly to your TypePad, Blogger or WordPress blog post. Or cut-and-paste the script to add to any blog or web page. Test-drive the widgets by pasting your blog post, article, or text into the "try it with your own content" submit box and see how powerful they can be.

Share a favorite Profile Page or even a cool grammatical query built in Evri's Garden on your favorite social network or bookmarking website. Just click Share at the top of any page.

Image Carousel:
We've added photos (in addition to the existing videos) to every Profile Page. We'll continue to enrich the media experience of the site over the next weeks and months, so come back often and see what new tricks we have up our sleeves!

Evri Garden:
Cool stuff that's in development and behind-the-scenes technology that we use at Evri will be sneak-previewed in the Evri Garden. Currently, our unique search technology is featured there. A blog post with details is on its way--meantime, play with the search and see what it can do.

You may have seen and used the Find box we added to the top of every page a month ago - it was the most requested feature during the Beta Preview period - but if it's new to you, check it out!

We are all really excited by what we've been able to develop so far and we know we have a lot more to do. There's is a feedback link at the top of every page. Your comments contribute greatly to our development and we love hearing what you have to say. Here's to searching less and understanding more!

Keith Williams
Director of Product

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