Wednesday, September 17, 2008

MySpace Music Delayed

MySpace Music Delayed

The latest with MySpace Music launch is that it may be delayed for a week or longer.

Originally scheduled for yesterday, then moved to Thursday of this week, may get pushed back a week or more, reports THE SILICON ALLEY INSIDER.

Label sources tell the Insider that MySpace reps told them yesterday that the launch may be delayed but didn't have a firm date either way.

The INSIDER theorizes two possible reasons for the delay:

One: MySpace Music only has three of the four big labels signed up, but is negotiating with lone holdout EMI. It would make more sense to open up the doors once all of the big guys are signed on.

Two: MYSPACE MUSIC doesn't have a CEO, though it has been casting about for one for most of this year. But CHRIS DEWOLFE and company are reportedly close to hiring either former FACEBOOK COO OWEN VAN NATTA or former CBS RADIO President ANDY SCHUON.

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