Friday, September 26, 2008

One Llama Private Beta

Join the Herd!

Got an invite code? You can get started below!

A short note about our private beta: Our mission is to build the world's best, searchable, streaming radio. Right now we're trying to gather feedback to help make this possible. Public beta will be ready soon!

Radio OneLlama NEW!

Radio OneLlama is a free, no-download, no-register, instantly streaming radio service that OneLlama will be releasing to the public shortly.

From TechCrunch:
An Illinois based startup OneLlama, has aggregated many of these stations into a single hub called Radio OneLlama, allowing users to quickly identify the stations that best fit their tastes. The site is currently in private beta, but you can grab one of 500 invites here (enter the invite code “techcrunch”).


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