Friday, September 19, 2008

Cham Easy "Easy Way to Clean and Dry your car" ChamEasy

Here's a new product that I have recently discovered. Apparently it really works. Below find some info on the product that makes it easy to clean your car after you wash it or when you have dew in the morning to wipe off. Tired of wringing towels or looking for clean towels to dry your car? Get a couple give them to friends and family. They make excellent gifts for anyone. Good for wiping your car windows in the morning. ChamEasy! I'll be posting a video and my personal review later.

Cham Easy
- "World's fastest chammy"

Finally a Chamois with the speed of a squeegee.

One Swipe gently kisses the surface dry.

Totally flexible - will conform to grooves, rises and 180 degree curves

Years of rigorous field testing and research led to this unique design trusted by meticulus car enthusiats.

- Soft and pliable to adapt to contours, bend to any curve, flex to any groove.

- no wringing out saves time - eliminates cloth chamois and terry towels

- no sharp edges or hard handles to scratch expensive, delicate finishes
- remove morning dew and sudden rain
- so little pressure is needed the minimal friction will not strip your wax
- durable material stays soft for years and if the edge gets nicked, simply strike on sandpaper to restore
- on stroke and the surface is bone-dry leaving fine cars in showroom condition
- streak-free mirrors, windows, & showers
- comfortable to hold. Easy to use

Stop rubbing and wringing out!
Forget swirls, lint and spots!

Streak- free, spot - free shines every time!
For people who pamper their cars.

Made in the USA

Cham Easy - the world's fastest chamois! Order today for a limited time special

800.676.6277 - 814-352-7561

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