Thursday, September 18, 2008

MiniNova launches free content distribution

MiniNova launches free content distribution

p2pnet news view Freedom | P2P:- Are you or your company the copyright owner or publisher of quality content?

Would you like to be able to distribute it for free?

Would you agree not upload DRM or spam?

If you answer Yes, you’re a prime candidate for MiniNova’s new Content Distribution system.

And it’s free.

Corporate dinosaurs

Venal Vivendi Universal (France), Sony BMG (Japan and Germany), EMI (Britain), and Warner Music (US, but controlled by a Canadian) have for the past five years been running a vicious sue ‘em all campaign against their own users and anyone or anything bearing the slightest resemblance to competition.

The obscenely wealthy Big 4 claim their anti-P2P war is meant to halt file sharing which is, to re-use one of their favourite words, “devastating” them.

“America isn’t becoming a police state,” p2pnet said recently. “It’s turning into a massive entertainment division run by a handful of corporate dinosaurs fronted by groups of corrupt executive politicians.”

With the members of the Big 4 organised music gang leading the way, the cartels have promoted copyright infringement, a purely commercial matter of interest only to legacy holders, into a major crime of international proportions.

Recently, using their BREIN, Holland’s version of the RIAA and MPAA combined, as a front, the organised music cartel sued MiniNova, demanding it filter its search results.

The site’s owners, who’d been holding talks with the Big 4 enforcement unit for a year in a bid to reach an equitable solution, refused, and now a court case looms.

MiniNova, meanwhile, hadn’t dropped its plans to launch a content distribution system, highlighting these promises

* Premium exposure to more than 35 million people visiting monthly. Distributed content will be marked as featured, listed at the top of the frontpage.
* No bandwidth costs: upload your content once, and we’ll distribute and seed it for you. Proven to scale to millions of downloads, even with large files.
* Easy interface, no need to master the technical background of P2P and BitTorrent protocols. Distributing content takes a single click. We also provide detailed statistics showing how often your content is downloaded and from which countries.
* And best of all, it’s totally free!

p2pnet had a brief Q&A with MiniNova spokesman Niek.

p2pnet: This looks like a genuine effort to provide a no-strings-attached P2P distribution system for independent music at no cost to musicians. Is that how you see it?

Niek: Yes. The idea is to build the ultimate platform for producers who want to distribute their content to a broad audience for free.

p2pnet: How do you plan to stop people from uploading DRM-protected content or spam?

Niek: We review every CD application.

p2pnet: Can anyone use this? Like, ordinary people with a love of music making songs in their bedroom studios?

Niek: Everybody can apply for a CD account, as long as the content is of high quality and interesting for the majority of Mininova users.

p2pnet: If this a free service, how wil you suppoort it?

Niek: We hope the current web-page advertisements will be enough.

Stay tuned.

Jon Newton - p2pnet

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