Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Google - Tmobile g-phone android G1

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Today is the day when T-mobile and Google are announcing the Android, based Gphone. Manufactured by HTC the phone/handset appears to fall short of the iPhone. It will be the best contender to the iphone.

The NY Times has some details pre announcement.

GOOGLE and T-MOBILE unveiling the first Android enabled phone.

Watch it live:


CrunchGear is blogging live from the press conference:


G1 Phone is $17
7:41 AM Out on October 22

Ecorio - developers
ShopSavvy - developers - scanner for shopping and best prices - we knew this was coming, great stuff.

Applications will be on display live.

As an existing customer I can order online. Microsite will be available.

Pricing plans $25 limited options, $35 unlimited web messaging. HDSPA network is being rolled out. 28 markets are being rolled out.

100 million customers in Europe! Huge market. How many handsets do the expect to sell....

HTC outstanding partnership and friendship, mobile internet a reality. Proven record of HTC.

Tethered modem option? All in one, not a tethered

Data plan requires a voice plan

Microsoft office support, exchange? can it be used on any network? can read ms office documents, no exchange support yet. sim locked to tmobile.

Push email or imap email?

desktop app for syncing? no desktop app initially...

selected markets? only with 3G, best experience
device includes wifi

sim lock question? how locked will it be? no guarantees in that will it be secure, locked

cost more from a purchase prospective

marketing? push? Google - integrated marketing plans, tv - radio, newspapers. will be marketed in October, largest campaign ever.

server sync? bluetooth? will sync with google services, aim, etc.. profiles, a2dp new release

chrome browser? - webkit open source browser,

device aimed at? consumer, corp, business? mass appeal, per Cole, young and social and family segment, more a consumer device, enterprise channels will come in.

future plans for gmail: robust gmail options, search, very fast, pretty good experience. gmail powered frontend. first implementation of google talk presence, more power communcations coming.

itunes and Skype? still have a phone number outside of the us? will work with aac, wma, mp3, voice and music coding, content has to be DRM unlocked. Skype? not at this time. international dual band will work on any GSM network, US bands in OTS.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin are on stange! talking about the new G1. Loves it! this will
First application throw it up and how calcs how much time Built in accelerometer.

web search: speed difference to do a search with a computer vs a phone, search at the fidelity with a mobile device computer functionality on the phone. open eco system, amazing things will happen . location based services.

joint photo with sergey and larry on stage... all holding their G1 phones...

More... downstairs. event broadcast is over.

I'm sure there will be plenty off followup during the day.

More on t-mobile:

T-Mobile USA, Inc. is a leading global provider for mobile communications services across America. T-Mobile offers the best in wireless price plans that give customers big buckets of minutes that can be used anytime during the day, nights and weekends.

Additionally, our nationwide rate plans feature free nationwide long distance and free nationwide digital GSM roaming.

There's a problem with the upgrade handset process right now.

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