Monday, September 15, 2008

AlwaysOn Conference - GoingGreen

Bill Green, Partner, Vantage Venture Partners, is interviewing with Mayor of San Jose, zero waste, install 100,000 solar roofs, recycle water, power city vehicles, 100 percent of lighting, green buildings.

Mayor Reed from San Jose.

Honorable Chuck Reed Mayor of San Jose, has experience with tech.

"The best days of Silicon Valley are ahead of us" leveraging intellectual property we already have.

Solve issues with dependency on foreign oil and warming global warming.

We need to capitalize.

The Mayor is interacting with other mayors.

Solar, wind, biomass, etc.. San Jose wants to be with the winner.

CNG is present at the San Jose Airport, filling station.

Demonstration partnerships. to develop products, services.

Here's some of the items from the vision.

Green Vision Goals
Within 15 years, the City of San José in tandem with its residents and businesses will:
1. Create 25,000 Clean Tech jobs as the World Center of Clean Tech Innovation
2. Reduce per capita energy use by 50 percent
3. Receive 100 percent of our electrical power from clean renewable sources
4. Build or retrofit 50 million square feet of green buildings
5. Divert 100 percent of the waste from our landfill and convert waste to energy
6. Recycle or beneficially reuse 100 percent of our wastewater (100 million gallons per day)
7. Adopt a General Plan with measurable standards for sustainable development
8. Ensure that 100 percent of public fleet vehicles run on alternative fuels
9. Plant 100,000 new trees and replace 100 percent of our streetlights with smart, zero-emission lighting
10. Create 100 miles of interconnected trails

Here's a copy of the full plan.

The plan includes spreading the plan after San Jose figures it out, train the trainers. Santa Clara. Awareness of the program is pretty low.

Apparently Tesla is in talks with the city of San Jose about locating their manafacturing.

Macy's, Ebay, Concrete company, many solar installations.

There's a problem with everything. Installing a solar system on parking structures is not easy today, but there is hope that it will become easier as the Governor of CA starts to sign laws.

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