Friday, September 5, 2008

DIRECTV Customer Service

I received a replacement receiver from DIRECTV after several calls and not getting a call back. I open the package and the sheet of paper in the envelope ripped, it was stuck to the packaging material in the DIRECTV box.

Making my first call this morning to DIRECTV and already have been disconnected once.

On the second call now I am waiting to speak with someone.

Overall I am not impressed with DIRECTV and fail to see how they get such high awards. Do these companies that award

Tanya is now my rep once I have got someone to pickup. She is saying all I have to do is replace the box and go. The screen is asking about Dish Type and Switch Types.

Now Tanya has decided to transfer me... where I have no idea. Tanya why did you not say something before transferring me?

Lisa has now picked up and is asking me the same questions. Now she is asking about the box.

The defaults are ok, now I am sitting on the line waiting for Lisa to do something on her end.

DIRECTV has got some pretty differences when compared to cable companies. Why all the extra steps in setup.

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