Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Free Foreclosure Seminars

"Buy the loan not the home" (tm)

Learn the #1 Foreclosure Strategy from Foreclosure Trackers.

Opcoming 90 minute seminars

Santa Monica
Monday 9/22 Fairmont Miramar Hotel - 101 Wilshire Bld.
9/24 Wednesday 12:30 and 7:30 Hilton - 168 S Los Robles Ave

Register online now at or via phone: 714.500.1430 x 1

Come join us for a FREE SEMINAR or WEBINAR and you’ll learn about the #1 Foreclosure Investment Strategy and why people are flocking to our events. If you’re new to investing and wondering where the smartest place to start is, or if you’re a seasoned investor looking to take your profit potential to a whole new level, How To Profit From Defaulted Mortgages will quickly bring clarity to why so many investors are switching gears and shifting their focus to the business of defaulted mortgages.

When you attend our FREE SEMINAR or WEBINAR, FTI will reveal what insiders have known about defaulted mortgages for a long time. Get on the inside track NOW and start learning what all the buzz is about that has recently caught the attention of the press including the Los Angeles Times, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Orange County Register and many more.

The subprime mortgage meltdown has served up an unprecedented number of defaulted mortgages and has created a massive window of opportunity for investors that you don’t want to miss! We look forward to having you join us at our next FREE SEMINAR or WEBINAR. REGISTER NOW!

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