Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Loanio Prepares for Launch

Loanio Prepares For Launch!

As Labor Day weekend comes to an end, we are proud to finally announce Loanio’s launch. In just a couple of weeks (yes, we mean it this time!), we will be done with the final touches and ready to roll out!

CEO and Founder Michael Solomon and everyone involved with Loanio would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters who have been patiently awaiting our arrival.

Just In Case You Forgot: is a new peer lending website that facilitates the borrowing and lending of money between individuals through an auction-style platform.

Loanio believes we will foster a greater level of security and confidence from lenders, provide access to a significantly underserved borrower market, and consequently increase the average number of loan originations.

Some of the site’s highlights include:

  • A Co-Borrower (co-signer) feature, which will enable all borrowers, regardless of their credit profiles, the ability to participate.
  • An ID and Financial Document Verification service which will provide lenders with enhanced qualitative data on borrowers.
  • A feature that allows borrowers to originate a loan when less than 100% of the requested loan is successfully bid upon.
  • And more…

More About Loanio In Video Below...

Finovate Startup 2008 Presentation