Friday, September 12, 2008

Metrolink train crash

very serious train accident in Chatsworth, CA Metrolink and Union Pacific train collide 6 dead so far.

As of 7:15 the scene is a full rescue mode, major rescue.

I was driving home on the 5 Southbound and the

Denise Tyrrell with Metrolink.


Number to call 800-371-5465, family members only. Toll Free to get info or assistance on where the injured have been taken.

Approx 350-400 people are usually on this train, train #111.

Heading to Simi Valley and possible Oxnard. Left Union Station in downtown at 3:30pm

70 injured
7 possible fatalities

There was a train accident with a Metrolink hitting a car in Corona. Apparently the car was trying to beat the crossing rail.

Cars weigh 119 tons. Locomotive 450 ton. Up to speed of 79 miles per hour.

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